Viola Supernova

Pirates of Cluster Town, are you ready?

The story contained flashes of incoherence mixed with assorted nonsense, therefore it had to be true. The basic question had to be defined: what was the rock musician aka Tambourine Zeno Esposito’s role in the current events?

Summary of the previous episodes: on the road to the Sprawl, he bumps into Blackhacker by chance. Yama tries to keep him out of his way, finds him in the same one and screws it up. In the Onfos’ Paradise they form a band saving them from certain death. It just happens the day before the geek girl knows a guitar heroine, who gets in the group. It also looks like she is a cool astronaut. She’s the one who saves the Captain. And she sure knows a lot about onfos, which join the Supernova and send them in the final, on the eve of an alien invasion. So there. By pure chance! A load of chances. It might as well take up drumsticks and venture into the Flat Zone with all or nearly the quiet in the world. Also Yama’s longbord was asking him to get a ride. Then, maybe, to be given back.

Viola Supernova

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