How to Buy

Viola Supernova is available in print and three digital formats.

If you intend to buy the printed book, you can order it at

If you are interested in buying an eBook, we explain below how to do it.

Preview of the book

We have provided a free preview for each format. Before buying a product, we invite you to download it and verify the compatibility with your devices.

Anonymous User

You don't have to be registered to buy at You can also do it as anonymous user. In this case the system creates an account with random username and password that will be emailed you. You need these data to download the eBooks from “My Account” page.

Shopping Cart

You can add to shopping cart a product by clicking the “Add to cart” button, located in the product fiche.

In the vertical bar at your right you will view the list of the products added to “Cart”. You can view details by clicking the link “Cart” in the “Navigation” menu, or the link “View Cart” in the “Cart” menu.

Conclusion of the purchase

You can complete the procedure of purchase by clicking the link “Checkout”. You'll view the cart contents and the order history.

In “Account information” you must give only your email (make sure it's correct). By clicking the “Continue to next step” button, you'll be redirect to PayPal website for payment. You can use the most widespread credit cards or directly your PayPal account.


When purchase is successfully completed, you'll receive two emails with the order confirmation and the receipt. Then you'll also receive the payment confirmation from PayPal.

Ebooks download

You can download the purchased eBooks from “My Account” clicking “Log In” in the main navigation bar of the website.

You'll be asked to authenticate with your username and your password. After you have logged in, you'll be redirect to “My Account” page.

Purchased eBooks are available for downloading at “Files” page. You can also view your purchases history in the “Orders” page.